Our Life

  • Our Life: The Three Characteristic Elements



    At the heart of our vocation are the hours spent in prayer, when our inner depths are called into God--  into His Peace, His Presence, His Holiness, His Divine Life. Prayer calls us into the generosity of Jesus and to sharing of the love He has for His Father and His Church. 

  • Poverty & Material Simplicity!

    If the term “evangelical poverty” in our present day meant what Jesus pointed out in sending forth His apostles to preach and in manifesting the danger of riches for a life of perfection, we would see no need for the further use of the term, “material simplicity”. However, we are convinced that not only non-ownership but also external separation from wealth and situations catering to relaxation, and life in very simple surroundings, are highly advantageous conditions for a spirit of other-worldliness.
  • The Apostolates: an Overflow of Prayer!

    It is considered that though the ordinary parish structure seeks to attract to the Church the non-Catholics within its boundaries, it frequently does not find sufficient personnel or available time to give the area of evangelization much attention. We wish to supplement that work by making available the fullness of Faith to non-Catholics, and fostering the return to the Faith of non-practicing Catholics.  Moreover, in accord with the Community’s own vocation, it strives to deepen persons' interior life through an associte program, private retreats, spiritual direction and talks on the spiritual life.


    "To you O Lord, I lift up my soul"
    (Ps. 25: 1)

  • Each member occupies a simple hermitage as their center of prayer.

  • "Go you therefore and make disciples
    of all nations..."

     Mt 28: 19-20